Grants in Support of Social Welfare

Children's Hospital and Orphanage #15
  • St. Petersburg
  • Children’s Playground
  • EEG Machine
  • Ultrasound Machine and other equipment
  • Roof Replacement
Mytischi Boarding School for Musically Gifted Children
  • Moscow region
  • Grant for Musical Instruments
Bykovo Orphanage
  • Moscow region
  • Various supplies
#32 Psych-Neurological Children's Hospital
  • Moscow
  • EEG Machine
Nevskaya Dubrovka Orphanage
  • St. Petersburg region
  • Computers and Educational Materials
Maslenitsa Public Celebration 2010
  • Konstantinovsky Palace, Presidential Residence (Strelny)

Grants for Pushkin Heritage and Education

The National Pushkin Museum, St. Petersburg
  • Art in the Mirror of Poetry, 2002
  • The Illustrated Museum Complete Guidebook with English summary, 2003
  • The film Lyceum after Lyceum (Lyceum Graduates), 2005
  • Catalogue of books from V. Krylov’s collection, Museum Library, 2006
  • As Day Flies after Day, The National Pushkin Museum, 1999-2006
  • 8-year Museum Report in Russian and English, 2007
  • Alexander Pushkin and the Mansion at Moika 12 – Pushkin’s Last Apartment, book by Galena Sodova, 2008
  • Album Museum of Gavrila Derzhavin and Russian Letters of His Time.  Russian City-Estate of the XVIII century, in Russian and English, 2008
  • Album dedicated to the 225th jubilee of Vasily Zhukovsky, 2008
Institute of Russian Literature, Pushkinsky Dom, St. Petersburg
  • Archival Bookcases for Pushkin’s original manuscripts, 2000
  • Pushkin Conference in Crimea, 2002
  • Grant for acquisition of photo equipment, 2003
  • Pushkin Literature Scholarship with Tartu University, 2003
  • CD Production, Boldino Manuscripts (1830) in digital form, 2004
  • CD production,Boldino Drawings, 2005
  • Research grant on Pushkin’s notes in his manuscripts, 2006
  • Grant for research in musical archives, 2006
  • Griboedov Encyclopaedia by Sergei Fomichev, Published in 2007
  • Production of CD, Eugene Onegin manuscript, 2007
  • Restoration of manuscripts from the Pushkin Depository, 2007
  • Grant for academic edition of Pushkin’s Complete Works, 2007
State Pushkin Museum, Moscow
  • Continuing Grants for Educational Research, 2001–2008
  • Memories, Summary of the Museum’s work in 20 years, 2004
  • Grant for Restoration of Vasily Lvovich Pushkin’s house, 2006
State Preserve Museum Mikhailovskoye, Pskov Oblast
  • Grant for restoration of Petrovskoye, Pushkin’s ancestral home, 2000
  • Grant for Publication - I of Low Rank, Originate from Africa, Boris Kozmin, 2001
  • Grant for heavy construction equipment, 2003
Pushkin Theatrical Center, St. Petersburg
  • Publication of Rusalka, with illustrations by Mikhail Chemiakin, 2002
Children's Art Lyceum, St. Petersburg
  • Grant for theatre equipment, 2009