Mission Statement

  • Provide a platform for enlightened discourse to foster mutual understanding and goodwill under the aegis of the great poet
  • Preserve and disseminate the works, ideals, and the heritage of Alexander Pushkin
  • Support scholarly exchange and provide financial support to men and women of letters in cultural fields

Letter from the Founder

  • The poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is the most loved figure in Russian culture and the personification of the Russian spirit.
  • Accomplishing worthwhile projects and building international goodwill under his banner is the greatest tribute to the poet and a service to humanity. This is the mission of the Pushkin Fund.
  • From its inception in 1997, Pushkin Fund has been dedicated to preserving the legacy of the poet. These efforts have been realized by virtue of various diplomatic gatherings, conferences and charitable gala and entertainment events resulting in the support of Pushkin heritage projects including conservations, restorations, translations, publications, and the support of social welfare projects.
  • Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin once said, “I have built a monument not wrought by hands.” The Pushkin Fund seeks to preserve that monument as a beacon of light for future generations, recognizing that the highest notes of our shared human culture transcend borders, both physical and ideological.

Timeline of events

June 6, 1995
Pushkin Birthday Celebration
Boldino, Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast
November 15, 1997
Pushkin Fund Founding Event
Stanford Faculty Club
April 12th-17th, 1999
International Pushkin Conference
Stanford University
May 2000
World Debut — Onegin Ballet
Czech National Theatre – Prague
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